Juventino Quiroz

J Juventino Quiroz is a Bicycle activist in Panama, who’s trying to put the bicycle in the road in the middle of a city that keeps the mobility pyramid with the car in the top.  Making cycle rides, “to the work in bicycle” project, Bike-friendly companies project, and “bike for blind”, are the ways to make the persons of his city thinking that the bicycle is the way to solve a new problem with and old medicine.  In the way he gain to many goals, like “Ciclovía Recreativa de Panamá” from 2014, and a law promoting the Panamanian Ciclist day (october 28) and the bicycle week (the last week of january).  From 2012 with his movement “Movimiento Ciclistas en las calles de Panamá” the job for the ciclism is going up, for a new smart city.

What is your mission?

To convince people that the car-centric chip with what we leave en Panamá is opposite than the happiness and the quality of life that we want. Creating new ways to promote bicycle use, integrating the government, the companies and the people who believe in the change and the smart way to move in ours cities.
The principal and the stronger, the security in the road, secondly: people who believe in cars for the only way to move, including people that don’t have cars. And third the weather, our weather is 80% humidity in average, and the rain is very heavy, but nothing terrible

What is the next step?

increase three programs, “to the work in bicycle”, “bike frinendly companies” and “bike for blinds”.  The first for the companies, the second for the people and the third for disability people.  In paralel work in laws and new norms that promote the mobility in bycicle and adk to the govermment for infraestructure.

What can other cities learn from your city?

The way how go out from the “Pale-ciclis” to a new era where the bicycles where the way to move. My spectatives is that after all this job can teach how do the work fast and better in a city that only believe in cars. 

Want to become a bicycle mayor or want to get one in your city?