What is your mission?

The world needs more cycles than ever! I am incredibly privileged to be a part of this
silent revolution. Being a Bicycle Mayor, I will focus on my Mission, that is, my city should have more and more cycle tracks, bring changes in people mind-sets towards cycling and more use of cycles to reduce traffic and pollution level by introducing bicycle sharing projects in city, big corporate houses, school and universities and in campuses with vast area. I will certainly motivate students to commute on cycles for their schools and colleges. Professionals to ride to their work and use of cycles in their regular lifestyle. Being a Historical city, I want tourist to pedal and see the beauty of Pink City. I have already started generating love towards cycling in children by organising Juniors Cyclothon in Jaipur with the aim “Every Rider Is a Winner”. The last event was held on 23 rd December 2018 where more than 300 children participated and the youngest rider was of 2.3 years old.

What are the obstacles and challenges you’re facing in your city?


What is the next step?

My first step will be to fight for the rights of the cyclist and raise voice for the dedicated cycling tracks. I will be working hard on my project to promote cycling amongst kids through JUNIORS CYCLOTHON in my city engaging more kids and more schools. Keeping my mission in mind, I can proudly announce that I have been able to convince and motivate India’s biggest integrated city in Jaipur to have Public Bicycle Sharing program with the help of my initiative Pink Pedals and will be launching it soon.

What lesson can your city teach others?

The changes I can bring by cycles in my city being a Bicycle Mayor will automatically
give fresh air to breathe, healthy people to accelerate my country’s growth, systematic traffic which will create benchmark for other cities to inherit.