Helena Wolf

Helena is from Denver, Colorado. She is pursuing a dual degree in Environmental Studies and Urban Design, and is mainly interested in the intersection of these disciplines. She grew up biking in her auto-oriented hometown where cyclists have to be defensive to negotiate with cars for road space and the right of way. After spending a year on exchange in Copenhagen, she is convinced that bikes aren’t just practical for transit but can be catalytic for shaping cities in to the kind of prosperous, vibrant, and resilient environments that we all want to live in. Her urban design work is focused on reimagining what cities could be like if human needs were calculated and taken care of as rigorously and adamantly as the need of cars.

She is motivated to challenge the American misunderstanding of freedom of movement as something granted exclusively by the automobile and is optimistic about the future of American cities, and cities across the world for that matter, as more and more people acknowledge the transformative power of the modest but mighty bicycle.

At BYCS, Helena is working to expand and advance the Bicycle Mayor Network.