Glynis Francis

I am a life-long cyclist, believing strongly that bicycles are a tool for social change. My lived experience of being a child in the country, a car-less worker in the city, a woman, a parent, a community member, an activist, cycling instructor, sportswoman and an older person has been filled with the joy of cycling. I know of the independence and freedom cycling has given me; I know of the connections and networks it engenders; I know of the good health, fun and adventures possible; I know of it contribution to changing behaviours in the fight against climate crisis; I know of the liberation for girls and women cycling has and will continue to bring about; I know cycling can be made accessible whatever level of abilities people may have; and I am now a proud member of a cycling cooperative helping to change the face of our community here in Chorlton and Manchester.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

My plan is to bring Cycling without Age to our less mobile, isolated people and friends in South Manchester. Working with members of our Chorlton Bike Deliveries cooperative and partners we aim to buy two trishaws and train up volunteer pilots to provide trips out for people that want to ‘feel the wind in their hair’.