Gabriela Lage Montero

I am a Cuban architect-urban planner and I graduated from Architecture School with a strong vision: I would work to transform Havana into a cycling city as a way of addressing its major mobility challenges. As an urban cyclist myself, I see the bike not only as a mode of transportation, but also as a lifestyle, a tool for societal change. That’s why I focus my energy on activism and advocacy, by participating and organizing events that generate enthusiasm and change Cuban’s wrong perceptions about bicycles.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

Changing a city’s infrastructure can take a lot of time and effort, especially in a city like Havana, with no bike’s infrastructure at all. But, changing people’s behaviors and minds can actually make the change. My plan is to influence as many people as possible to change their mobility habits. I will mainly -but not only- focus on women, since I believe the bicycle can play an important role in women’s empowerment. I also plan to facilitate the communication between the bike community and the local authorities in order for them to apply bike-friendly policies.