Folkert Lodewijks

In his own mind, Folkert is a very successful Rock ‘n Roll star, but in real life he’s a programmer and project manager at BYCS. He performs this role with typical frontman charisma and energy. With his determination, feeling for diplomacy and great eye for seeing new connections, Folkert is always trying to create something special. Motivated by improving the liveability of cities, he likes to challenge the status quo and come up with fresh ideas to push projects to the next level. He also has access to a huge network, which he gained through his work as a programmer for Amsterdam’s cultural centre of gravity, ‘Pakhuis de Zwijger’. Need anyone, anywhere? Ask Folkert.

Of course, music is his other big passion; every weekend you can find Folkert in the studio, writing songs or playing live with his band Sunday Kids. After work, you might find him in the bar, but he tells us this is where some of his best ideas come from…