Floortje Vermeer

Floortje is responsible for organizing the events and programs at BYCS. She sees the plan through from concept to execution, firing in creative ideas alongside a rigorous eye for detail, to make sure the production not only stands out but also goes smoothly. Being one of the most positive, hands-on people you’ll likely meet, even the most ambitious BYCS events are in safe hands with Floortje. Want to organise 1,500 international delegates to cycle around Amsterdam at the same time and then arrange a long evening of programs and entertainment for them? Then you’ll need Floortje.

Floortje loves good stories and feels energized by spreading the positive story of BYCS. Her love of storytelling also extends to film – before BYCS she worked at the Amsterdam Film Week festival, and with BYCS she helped organise the Bicycle Film Festival. When she’s out and about, she likes to whistle and sing as she rides her bike. She is terribly out of tune but the feeling of freedom that cycling gives her means we sadly can’t stop her.