Eduardo Becerra

My name is Edurado Becerra. My passion has always been the bicycle. I am a traveling journalist, founder of Biciñan, an activist cycling collective, and Wasicleta, a local project in Cusco that involves cycling, culture, and the arts. At the moment I am working on several projects to improve the use of the bicycle in my city. I believe in the bicycle not only as a means of transportation, but as a philosophy of life that will help improve our world.


As a cycling advocate, I believe I have the resources to help drive and improve the quality of life in my city, by making Cusco bicycle friendly.


The biggest obstacle is the lack of knowledge of the local authorities about how the bicycle can improve the transportation and quality of life in our city. It is a challenge to work with these stakeholders to make this change happen in the near future.

The other focus will be to create awareness at corporate level on benefits of cycling and get support and buy-in to create bicycle friendly workplaces.

What are your next steps now that you are the Bicycle Mayor?

We will focus on working together with the community and local authorities on three main projects our city needs to include the bicycle in:

1. The first public bicycle system in Cusco
2. The “Sunday Ciclovia Recreativa”, a 10km street circuit open for bikes every Sunday – without cars.
3. The project of the main Cusco bike lane, that will cross the whole city from South to North.

Additionally, we will continue working with our bicycle community to provide a variety of activities to make the bicycle more visible in our city.

What lesson can your city teach others?

Cusco has a rich historical and archeological history. In the near future, we can show the rest of the world that the bicycle can also help preserve our heritage and our local monuments by using eco-friendly transportation, creating less pollution and converting the capital of the Incan Empire into the Peruvian Capital of the Bicycle.