Daniel Eppstein

Daniel is enthusiastic about the potential of cities in the future and the impact they will have on improving the lives of millions, yet wary of the influence of current frameworks of thinking, stuck patterns of behavior, and the vast inequality in today’s capitalistic society. He believes that the health of a city is directly related to the degree to which it successfully addresses the education, housing, and transportation needs of its residents. To thrive rather than merely survive, people need inspired places to live – filled with art, passive and active open space, creative and effective transportation solutions, and opportunities for community interaction. His passion lies in the development of the modern city and believes, as BYCS does, that the bicycle can bring us one major step closer to the realization of what seems like a Utopian world today.

Daniel has a background in Sociology and years of start-up experience specialising in product value realisation, spatial development, online/offline integration, full-stack development, and scaling. He’s excited to connect the many solutions that BYCS offers to a cohesive and connected package that is greater than the sum of its parts.