Anneli Xie

Anneli is a student of architecture and urban studies who believes that the bicycle has the power to solve some of the most innate issues of the modern city.

Born and raised in Sweden, Anneli’s love for cycling stems from the independence, freedom, and happiness it has given her since her youth. Now studying in the United States, she strives to contribute to developing cities with accessible and safe public spaces, unpolluted air, and sustainable modes of living – all of which the bicycle has the potential of offering.

Interested in cities, their people, and their design, Anneli has previously interned with MassBike to promote cycling in the state of Massachusetts, conducted urban sociology research on cognitive mapping in the city of Boston, and is working on curating an exhibition of mobility projects in her hometown of Lund. At BYCS, she researches behavioral change in relation to BYCS to Work, WAVE, and Bicycle Heroes, and is excited to learn more about where the bicycle can take us.