Anastassia Meskova

Anastassia is a final year International Sports, Management and Business student at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and is currently doing her graduation internship at BYCS. She found her true passion when she started practising road cycling six years ago, which opened up a whole new world to her. Originally coming from Estonia, she has lived in quite a few places due to the international internships and projects on her study program, but now she’s back in her favorite city, Amsterdam, where she admires the cycling culture.

She’s extremely keen to utilize her previous experience in cycling, hungry for new knowledge and eager to follow her passion for cycling through her internship at BYCS, where she will be able continue her personal and professional development. She’s excited to be working on a number of cycling simulation projects, and is passionate about making impact and working towards happier, healthier and more social cities. She truly believes that cycling is much more than just transportation, it is transformation!